Forklift Tracking System

Nicetrak is an indoor and outdoor forklift localization system for your factory and warehouse. It lets you track your industrial vehicle’s position in real-time.

Less is More

Manage your forklift fleet with Nicetrak and increase its productivity significantly. Do more work with a smaller fleet. Track your forklifts performance parameters.

Performance Reports

Take daily, weekly, monthly performance reports of every vehicle. Measure the time the vehicles have passed in a given zone. Receive an alert whenever a vehicle enters a restricted zone.


Increase the safety of your factory and warehouse. Find out the risky spots on your campus. Track safety breaches and take precautions before a serious accident happens.


Calculate the heatmap of every vehicle for any given period of time. Reorganize the workflow of your factory and warehouse.


Draw polygons on the map of your factory and warehouse. Track the forklifts entering and exiting the zones. Measure and report the ratios of time the forklifts have worked in different zones.


  • “Thanks to Nicetrak, we manage our forklift fleet more effectively and efficiently. We succeeded to decrease the number of forklifts while simultaneously increasing the amount of work. The decrease in the number of vehicles also directly translated to fewer number of forklift-related accidents.”

    İlkem Şensoy, Intralogistics Director, Türk Traktör